This feature is still under construction. Below are several temporary workarounds that other MemberStack users find useful.

Option 1 - Signup for a "pending" membership

1) Create a "Pending Approval" membership that doesn't grant access to anything

2) Once you decide a member is approved, send them a link to an "approval" page. The page could say something like, "Your account has is approved! Please click the button below to access the member's only area" That button has a membership attribute for the real membership.

It is not the most streamlined approach, but it is fully customizable.

Option 2 - Submit an application form

1) Have users submit a regular Webflow form to start (you will be notified when they submit)
2) Send them a link to the real signup page when you approve them.
If you keep the first form short, it shouldn't be too annoying to have them enter their info again.

We'll let you know when a true account approval feature is ready! Hopefully it will be soon 🤞
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