This article covers how to gate CMS collections, pages, and/or folders on your website without having to write any code.

Click New Hidden Content

Give your content group a descriptive name
Enter URLs of any pages or folders you'd like to hide.
Use Starts with for folders and Equals for individual pages.
Click New Row to add more pages and folders.
Decide where you want to send users who attempt to access a hidden URL.
If a user clicks on a link to a hidden URL, MemberStack saves the URL and redirects them to that page if they sign up.

Repeat for each type of content on your site.

You can structure hidden groups in different ways. For this example, we have two types of content: Basic and Premium. In the next step we'll create memberships that unlock each of these groups.
Need to Hide individual elements on a page? Checkout this article once you've finished setting up the rest of your site.

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