Click New Membership

Give your plan a descriptive name that will make sense on invoices and during checkout.
Decide if your plan is Free or Paid. If Free skip to step 8
Enter a price.
Decide how often you'd like to charge users:
Monthly, Yearly, and Weekly recur regularly until canceled.
One-time charges once, but grants access forever unless you specify an expiration
Add a free trial (only available on recurring plans)
Charge an onboarding/setup fee on recurring plans.

Unlock any combination of hidden content.
Decide where to send users when they first signup.
Decide where to send users when they login.
Save your work

Click on Button Attribute to expose the membership button attribute.

Copy the Name and Value
Select the appropriate "signup" button in your pricing table.
Paste the Name and Value into your site and save.
Repeat for each membership.

Membership buttons must link to your signup page.

Publish your site and test your work. MemberStack will go to your pricing page and check for the correct attributes.
You can sign up for paid memberships without entering a credit card while in Test Mode. See this article when you're ready to Publish a membership.
The default membership only kicks in if a vistor gets to your signup page without clicking on a plan button.

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