As of May 19th 2019, MemberStack can only send password reset emails. If you need to send welcome, transactional, dunning, or marketing emails you'll need to use a 3rd party mailing service. This tutorial will show you how to send different types of emails.

Use Zapier to send an email to yourself, your client, or a member. You can trigger zaps on: new signups, updated profiles, canceled memberships, and more!

Join the Beta. Use this invite link to gain access to our Zapier app.
Generate an API Key. Zapier will ask you to input an API key from MemberStack. You'll find that key on the Integrations page. Use the button to reveal your API key.

MemberStack Export
Export from MemberStack and manually send email newsletters.

Navigate to the Members page in MemberStack.
Click Export.
Complete the form, and we'll send a .csv of your members ASAP.
Import your member list into the mailing service of your choice e.g. MailChimp, Mailerlite, etc.

Stunning is a 3rd party service that integrates with Stripe to send welcome and dunning emails. Stunning is free for the first 250 customers or $166 in recovered fees.
Connect to Stripe in your MemberStack dashboard.
Publish your memberships.
Create a Stunning account, and trigger emails when a customer is created, a card fails, etc.

Send payment reciepts and notify customers of successful charges via Stripe.

Log into your Stripe account.
Click on this link, or go to Settings and then Email Receipts.
Turn on Successful payments.
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